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Link to our Form ADV Part 3 - Client Relationship Summary


Form ADV Part 3 - Client Relationship Summary

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Link to Trust and Will Center, Law Office of Jennifer Marshall, PC.

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Link to Form 5329 - 2015

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Regarding Identity Theft Protection

15 Steps to avoid becoming a victim.

1.  Institute your own personal "need to know" policy.  Challenge anyone who claims they need your personal information & then ask about their security policies before deciding to give the information.

2.  Never put your Social Security number or date of birth on your checks.

3.  Exercise your "Opt Out" option when getting your driver's license and have your Social Security number removed from your driver's license.

4.  Cross-cut shred your confidential trash; anything with an account number, Social Security number, date of birth, etc.

5.  Never routinely carry your Social Security card, passport, or birth certificate with you.

6.  Do not give personal information to anyone from an unsolicited telephone call; if you're interested, get their number, hang up, and independently look up their number and call them back.

7.  Refrain from sending personal information through e-mail; never reply to unsolicited e-mails and give personal information.  If you have a legitimate business relationship with the company, call them back and give the information.

8.  Protect your computer with a firewall and virus protection software.  Set the software to update automatically and often.

9.  If you have wireless Internet, use the encryption/password setting.

10.  Order your credit reports and least three times per year (free).

11.  Know when financial statements arrive and investigate missing items.

12.  Drop off all your mail at the post office directly.

13.  Have the post office hold your mail when you are out of town.

14.  Discard your old analog cordless phones and purchase digital or digital spread spectrum (DSS) phones with 900MHz 2.4Hz, or 5.8Hz technology.

15.  Photocopy front and back of all cards you carry in your wallet and store the sheet in a safe place so if the wallet is stolen, you can notify banks within minutes.





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